Our proven record is evidenced by our long-standing working relationships with our current clients, all solid companies and associations who have sought the best in the field. But current clients alone don’t tell the full story, proven results do. Satisfied clients recognize the importance of having experienced eyes and ears at the Capitol and of having a team of lobbyists who know how to present the client’s message and the best audience to receive that message. Most importantly, they want a team that projects the client’s image in a professional and ethical manner.

What a few of our satisfied clients had to say about our work:

“Your advice, guidance and efforts regarding Arkansas driver safety, radio frequency safety and access charges have been very helpful. As always, your leadership and articulation of competitive interests in the telecommunications industry is second to none…Over the past year you have made a special effort to provide advice and assistance well outside the range of your contractual obligations."

- Sheryl A. Wright, National Director, Sprint State Government Affairs

“Now that the dust has settled on the session, we are able to step back and appreciate the extraordinary efforts that it took to get House Bill 1417 enacted in a condition that our industry and the retailers and consumers of Arkansas can live with. We are well aware that this issue involving the regulation of over-the-counter medicines and precursor chemicals that can be used to manufacture methamphetamine is a difficult and technical one. Even so, you were able to distill the messages to legislators into a language they understood. I was particularly impressed with the degree of familiarity and credibility that you have from so many legislators. It was clear that you command respect and confidence from them as well as being a zealous advocate for us – your clients. CHPA also appreciates your ability to build consensus so quickly among the group of allies we assembled on this legislation…As a result of your good work, Arkansas now has a new law that will place reasonable restrictions on these products…CHPA thanks you for all your efforts to defend our interests in Little Rock.”

- Steve M. Mister, Vice President & Associate Counsel, Consumer Health Products Association

“Your ability to open the right doors and get me in front of the appropriate policymakers allowed us to achieve our goal with the low-key approach that we prefer. You handled things very professionally, and it’s apparent to me that you’re a well-regarded team among legislators and other policy makers in Little Rock. You also took the time to learn and really understand our issue, and did some great follow-through with key individuals. Just as important were your regular communications to keep me up to date on the status of our project and the session in general. You can be assured that any time we have issues in Arkansas, we’ll be knocking on your door.”

- Jerry D. Parkin, Director, State Government Affairs, Government Affairs, Deere & Company

“Because of your tenacity, the bill moved smoothly through the process…Rest assured that if I know anyone that needs an outstanding lobbyist, I will refer them to you.”

- Fred Bowers, President, Superior Interlock Services

“You guys are a model for how lobbying ought to be done.”

- Tom Bettes, SAP Public Sector and Education, Inc.

“We are especially gratified that ours was the only medical practice legislation to pass in the past session and that with your help, we were able to overcome several tough challenges. We thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness in ‘putting out the fires’ and we admired your personal service and unceasing efforts on our behalf, even though our Academy only had 30 members. It is clear to us that we never would have been successful without your guidance during the many crises and 11th hour sessions.”

- Jon K. Allen, Legislative Coordinator, Arkansas Academy of Physician Assistants

“From an HR perspective, we were 100% successful on every position that we took. That could not have happened without the efforts of Government Solutions. Thanks again for your efforts and support.”

- Russell Gunter, Arkansas State Human Resource Management Association